Laterlife Network

Background to the Laterlife Network

SeniorsThe need for an Over 55’s Network became apparent in Meath following a baseline study of over 600 older people resident in the county in 2011. The ‘Shaping The Future’ report found a need for a county-wide structure to facilitate interaction, dialogue and connections between agencies, service providers and older people in the county. There was great support for the establishment of the Network by all service providers in Meath, in particular Meath County Council and the Age Friendly County Initiative and in early 2012 Meath Partnership secured LEADER funding to support the establishment and growth of the Network. 


The first Laterlife Network event occurred in the Ardboyne Hotel on Monday the 9th of July, 2012. Since then an Executive Committee of 15 representatives were elected by the Laterlife Network members to represent the Network and progress it’s aims and objectives. The Executive Committee meet bi-monthly and the larger Network meetings take place three or four times throughout the year. Everyone aged 55 and over in Meath are welcome to become members of the Laterlife Network and attend these events.  The Laterlife Executive Committee consists of: 

  • 5 x 2 geographically based representatives corresponding to the 5 Electoral Areas in Meath
  • 1 representative from Active Retirement Ireland
  • 1 representative from the Men’s Shed Project
  • 1 representative from Nursing Homes
  • 1 representative from the Career’s Association
  • 1 representative from  the Irish Countrywomen’s Association

 The first Laterlife Network event occurred in the Ardboyne Hotel on Monday the 9th of July, 2012.


Aims of the Laterlife Network:

The aims set by the executive Committee for the Later Life Network are:

  • Create a place where the voices of over 55’s are heard and where the local needs are met
  • Develop the capacity of older people to decide priorities, shape objectives and deliver actions to bring about change
  • Guide and advise Meath Partnership and its collaborative partners on strategies and actions to improve the quality of life of over 55’s in the county
  • Promote a positive image of over 55’s showcasing their skills, talents and knowledge in making Meath an Age Friendly County
  • Act as a communication resource for over 55’s in terms of information sharing, access to service providers and presentations on issues that affect its membership
  • Play a representative role on the Age Friendly County Alliance and assist the Alliance in delivering on it’s objectives 

Getting Involved

To learn more about the Laterlife Network, or to receive the Laterlife Network Newsletter, contact Fiona on 046 9280790.




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