Social Initiatives


Meath Partnership specialises in building the capacity of local communities by working with individuals and voluntary and business groups.  Our social inclusion initiatives are targeted at those residents of Meath who are potentially at risk of disadvantage whether they are residents of certain target areas or of specific target groups. Through our various social initiatives we have worked with jobseeker groups, vulnerable older people, vulnerable youth, migrants and families and lone parents.  


Below are details of the social initiatives in which Meath Partnership is currently engaged:


 Mens Sheds.png

Mens Sheds

Men’s Shed projects provides dedicated, friendly and welcoming meeting places for men living in rural areas, enabling them to come together and undertake a variety of member directed activities.  The Men's Shed initiative was initiated to adress a lack of social outlets in which  men could engage, particularly those men living alone in rural areas where there may be the potential to become isolated.  Read more...

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The Later Life Network

This Network gives older people a chance to have a voice in the county and have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.  Read more...


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Tiny Talk

Meath Tiny Talk is an innovative pilot project that aims to improve the language and learning skills of children in the 3-6 age group.  Working with with childcare providers and parents to identify the child’s language and communication needs at an early stage, the project aims to develop and promote a curriculum of enriched speech, language and communication within both the home and pre-school setting.  Read more...



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