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Volunteering is at the heart of communities, and Meath is a great place to volunteer.  Active since 2008, the Meath Volunteer Centre gives volunteers an opportunity to develop personally and at the same time, enrich their communities and put giving at the heart of how we live.  Thousands of volunteers and many hundreds of organisations have benefited from the services of the Meath Volunteer Centre and the positive effects that volunteering brings to the community. 



Registering as a volunteer with Meath volunteer centre places you under no obligation to undertake any volunteering activities, but if you wish, representatives of the Meath Volunteer Centre can speak or meet with you to discuss the various volunteering opportunities that might interest you.  You can:

  • Find out about volunteering opportunities without having to make a commitment
  • Talk to someone on the how, why and where of volunteering
  • Discuss the ongoing relevent support and advice that's available to you should you decide to engage in volunteering activities. 

Why not visit the Meath Volunteer Centre website and browse the many volunteer opportunities and volunteer centre led initiatives in community volunteer projects  that are available.  The site has plenty of useful information on volunteering in general, on how the Meath Volunteer Centre works with volunteers and really interesting stories from people who are already engaged in volunteering.   

Volunteer Involving Organisations

Meath Volunteer Centre also offers support services to organisations that are considering engaging or that alrealy engage volunteers.  Volunteer Centre personnel can meet with you to see how you can involve volunteers in your organisation.  Additionally they can:    

  • Help you source volunteers
  • Provide Volunteer Management Training
  • Discuss the ongoing support and advice that will be provided as you involve volunteers

The organisational pages on the website provide information on these services. You can also find out more about our Volunteer Management TrainingGarda Vetting and other support services that are offered to volunteer involving organisations throughout Meath.  There are links to other useful information including case studies of organisations involving volunteers.


Contacting Meath Volunteer Centre

The Volunteer Centre is here to help all volunteers and volunteer involving organisations, so please feel free to contact us and ask what we can do for you. Emma is the contact person and she is contactable as follows: 


Meath Volunteer Centre

Unit 7 Kells Business Park

Cavan Road


Co Meath





046 9280790



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