Tiny Talk

What is Meath Tiny Talk?

Tiny Talk.pngMeath Tiny Talk is an innovative pilot project that aims to improve the language and learning skills of children in the 3-6 age group. Through working with Early Years Educators and Parents to identify the child’s language and communication needs at an early stage, the project aims to develop and promote a curriculum of enriched speech, language and communication within both the home and pre-school settings.


Who is involved in the project?

Meath Tiny Talk Project is a collaborative project between the Speech and Language Department of the HSE, Meath Partnership and Meath County Childcare Committee.


What is involved in the screening process?

The Speech and Language Therapist will visit your child’s Pre-school and conduct one-to-one language screens using a standardised and child friendly language assessment. During the assessment your child will be required to name various items (assesses their vocabulary), finish the therapist’s sentences (assesses their grammar) and point to pictures on a page (assess their understanding of language). This assessment will take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Each child will be tested using the same assessment. A report on your child’s results will be sent to you, which will explain the assessment in more detail and will tell you if your child is experiencing language difficulties and if so what level of difficulty they are having.


What are the next steps if my child presents with a language difficulty?

After the screening assessment, the Speech Therapist will review the results and information gathered and determine whether your child would benefit from speech therapy. In the event of your child having language difficulties the Speech Therapist will contact you to discuss the suggested next steps. There will be an opportunity for you to meet with the Therapist to discuss this if you wish.  If your child would benefit from one to one support the therapist will make a referral (with your consent) to attend the Speech and Language Therapist in your local area.


Who will be able to access my child’s information?

Your child’s screening results will be shared with their Early Years Educator in the Preschool. This allows the Pre-school and Tiny Talk team to work together to identify games and activities that will directly target your child’s speech and language needs within the Pre-school setting. This also ensures you will receive the appropriate support to meet your child’s needs at home. Your child’s information will be kept confidential at all times in keeping with each pre-schools' confidentiality policy.


For more information contact Emma Prunty on 046 9280790 and follow us on Facebook 



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