LEADER 2020 | Developing Meath from the Ground Up


Rural communities are, we believe, the key to their own destinies, they are their own best assets; it is up to us merely to help them to bring out ‘the greatness within’. Our vision for LEADER in County Meath is "a county which fulfils its social and economic potential, that is a preferred location for living and doing business, and one that provides its citizens and communities with the highest standards of living and quality of life".


The LEADER Programme with a budget of €6.9million provides a unique opportunity to refocus support on growth, jobs, sustainability and social inclusion whilst ensuring the quality of life of all rural dwellers is improved. Project proposals that address this vision and support the implementation of the Local Development Strategy (LDS) will be prioritised for funding. With the approved financial resources coupled with the bottom-up ethos of LEADER, together we have the potential to realise this vision for County Meath up until 2020.


Meath Partnership is the implementing partner of the Local Community Development Committee led Local Action Group in Meath and has responsibility for the administration and animation of the LEADER Programme and will be your direct contact in terms of facilitating Expressions of Interest and Applications under the Programme.


Core Themes of the LEADER Programme




Grant Aid Available: Rates and Amounts


The Meath Local Community Development Committee as the Local Action Group is not permitted to offer funding to any promoter of more than €200,000, which is within the ‘De Minimis’ threshold established for the provision of State aid. The table below outlines the limits to the amount of grant assistance that can be provided to the each individual type of project and programme applicant:


Who is Eligible to Apply and for What?


LEADER is a funding initiative open to all! From community and voluntary groups to private individuals and small to medium enterprises, LEADER can offer grant aid and support to projects aiming to promote the quality of life and economic opportunities for Meath dwellers within the framework of the approved LDS. Even if you are not a Meath resident you can still avail of LEADER support once the project is based in the county.


Please note that the following are not eligible for LEADER support:

  • Agriculture & Fisheries
  • Conventional retail operations, excluding community based shops and farm shops selling locally produced produce
  • Courses of instruction or training which form part of normal education programmes or systems at secondary school or higher levels
  • Loans, working capital, insurance costs
  • Horticulture (including bee-keeping)
  • Payments for gifts, donations or personal entertainments
  • Statutory fines and penalties, criminal fines and damages
  • Legal expenses in respect of litigation
  • Costs associated with meeting a legislative or statutory requirement
  • Planning application fees
  • Reclaimable VAT
  • Improvements/refurbishment of private residential property
  • Projects that already have other EU funding either directly or through a national programe
  • Conventional motor vehicles, including cars, industrial/farm/construction vehicles, vans and buses
  • General maintenance works of public bodies
  • Childcare, Health Care, Nursing Homes, Housing
  • Race and Sport horse industries
  • Greyhound industry