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Welcome to Meath Talks; a collection of podcasts featuring the people who work in the heart of your community providing support and guidance to help the people of Meath to flourish.



Hosted by

Anthony O’Prey

Health Promotion Officer


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Meath Talks have been developed and produced by the HSE Health Promotion and Improvement Team, Midlands Louth Meath CHO, and supported by Meath Partnership. 




 Season 1 - Introduction



Season 1 - Episode 1 - 'Not Around Us'

In this podcast we discuss how & why we should make our homes (and environments) smoke-free to protect others from the dangerous effects of second-hand smoke, reducing the influence smoking has on children & young people. We also learn about the HSE’s free, evidence-based, nationwide service to help people quit for good. With special guests, Madeline Kennedy, HSE Health Promotion & Improvement Officer, Dr. Gail McNeill, Clinical Nurse Manager with the HSE Cardio Vascular Team and Dr. Amy Moriarty, Clinical Psychologist.

Season 1 - Episode 2 - 'Understanding Hoarding Behaviour'


In this podcast we explore hoarding disorder. We discuss its causes, how it impacts people affected by it and how to provide help and support with care, dignity and compassion. With special guests, Sarah Smyth, Programme Implementer for the Meath Homeless Information Service and Coordinator of the MAST Project with Meath Partnership and Deirdre Raymond Counsellor & Psychotherapist, also working with the MAST Project.


Season 1 - Episode 3 - ‘Women’s Health’ 



In this podcast we explore some of the issues which affect women’s health that are often kept private and hidden; for example, fertility difficulties and menopause. We also discuss why it is important to develop a supportive and understanding conversation about these topics to support women better. With special guests, Mary Farrelly, Project Officer of the Teach Mná Groups with Meath Partnership and Roisin Traynor, Mental Health & Wellness Officer at the Meath Wellness Hub with Meath Partnership.


Season 1 - Episode 4 - 'A Conversation about Mental Health'

In this podcast we explore the origins of mental health difficulties while reflecting on how the demands of modern society impact our mental health. We also discuss how we can develop our resilience to adapt to these demands. With special guests, Duana McArdle, HSE Area Lead Mental Health Engagement Officer in the Midlands Louth Meath and Derek Pepper, Team Leader of Regional Services with Shine; a national organisation dedicated to providing services to people & families with self-experience of mental health difficulties.  


Season 1 - Episode 5 - 'When Young People say No to Education’

In this podcast we discuss the challenges (and opportunities) that emerge when young people want to end their school education early. We explore how to support young people better through this worrying phase of their development and how to recognise opportunities to listen better. With special guests Monica Nelson, SICAP programme manager within Meath Partnership and Eddie Kieran, Social Care Worker & Counsellor working with the Engage Project in Meath Partnership.


Season 1 - Episode 6 - 'Families Living in Isolation’

In this podcast we discuss the reality for many families living in isolation due to issues such as financial stress, health challenges or loneliness. We also learn about the range of supports available to communities offered by Family Resource Centres throughout Ireland. With special guests Justyna Doherty Coordinator of Trim Family Resource Centre and Maryrose Williams, Family Support Worker with Trim Family Resource Centre. 

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