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The Erasmus+ Programme is about making education and training relevant to adult learners from diverse backgrouns and young persons not engaged in employment, education or training (NEETs). This means making education real and responsive to everyday life and experiences. To achieve this, all our Erasmus+ projects are developed in conjunction with educators and potential participants through sub-groups which meet on a quarterly basis to advise and feedback on project development and progress. Material, curricula and resources under development are tested by these groups to ensure we are meeting the needs of local learners through the development process. But we need your help, advice and insight to ensure we meet our ambitous project aims.


At the end of each project we embark on, the partnership of educators, end users and local advisors produce tools, training programmes and resources made with and for adult learners reflecting the real needs of today's society and those that comprise it.


We are always encouraging people, groups and training agencies to get involved and join these development groups, so if you would like to get involved and contribute to the development of EU projects at a very local level, please contact: 


EU Programme Manager: 

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