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Meath Partnership is a dynamic partnership company established in 2006 to deliver a range of rural, social and economic programmes at local level across County Meath.

Through these programmes, we provide support and assistance to private individuals and community groups active at local level through capital grant aid, technical assistance, guidance and mentoring, information and support, training opportunities and development initiatives.


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Game of Phones - All material ready for download

WebQuests, Problem-based Learning and European citizenship

After two years of commitment and hard work, the Game of Phones project reached the end of its lifecycle completing all activities successfully. The consortium (Meath partnership, Callidus, Storytellme, Fondo formacion, CARDET) created a compendium of WebQuests to support adult educators who work directly with NEETs, with the purpose to support their re-integration into education and training.

Looking at the numbers of young people between the ages of 20 and 34 years neither in employment nor in education and training, there have been serious concerns that a whole generation of young people in the EU could remain out of the labour market for years to come. Recognising the need for new educational approaches to address this issue, Game of Phones used web-based challenge learning to provide alternative opportunities.


WebQuests depicts an inquiry-based, project-based, and problem-based methodology, which increases learning motivation and engagement, especially among those with a previous negative education experience. The WebQuests are available at the project’s platform and aim to build key transversal skills of individuals. They are themed around Europe’s rich cultural heritage, identity and citizenship in an effort to help NEETs on the road to a sustainable educational progression pathway for personal fulfilment and inclusion. As part of the educational material, a tailored in-service training programme for adult educators is also available, to support the use of WebQuests during their practice.

Digital resources facilitate problem-based and interactive learning and enable a personalisation of the learning experience. They offer new ways to organise and structure teaching and learning and new accessible learning environments that can help to integrate learners with a disability and learners living in remote and/or under-populated areas. However, successfully leveraging the potential of digital technologies for education is first and foremost a question of improving education. Therefore, the focus when integrating new technologies into educational settings is not and should not be centred on the digital technology per se, but rather on the pedagogy. The focus of the Game of Phones project is on building the capacity of adult and community educators to develop new professional competences.

During the project, partners delivered tailored trainings to adult educators working with young NEETs in their countries (Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Croatia and Switzerland). The in-service training programmes placed a significant emphasis on online learning, as well as the methodology and thematic areas of Webquests, exploring new pathways for youth. Recently, the project had the opportunity to connect with professionals in adult education sector from all around the world during the online final conference. Hosting organisation and key-note speakers presented the outputs and main deliverables of the project, and also ensured that the full benefit of the tools and resources developed can be enjoyed by the target group.

Take a look on the project video that summarizes the main stages of our two-year journey:

The Game of Phones project team

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Game of Phones website:


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