Alphabets of Europe (AlphaEU)

Multilingualism is a central priority of the European Union. The AlphaEU project contributes to the further development of this essential educational area by promoting Early Language Learning (ELL) through the development of digital alphabet books and a series of interactive activities. These books will be available online, and free of charge six language versions, including English, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian and German.

Aimed at pre-school children, aged between 4 and 6 years old, the project partners are working to improve language competencies of the youngest Europeans. Research shows that young children learn languages in intuitive ways, such as creative exploration stimulated by curiosity. The younger children are when they are exposed to different languages, the greater their ability to develop a feeling for the rhythm, phonology, and intonation of these languages.

AlphaEU uses digital media (ICT-supported image, sound, video, animation, hypertext, etc.) to enhance interactivity, stimulate curiosity, and encourage children to explore differences and similarities between languages and begin to formulate general ideas about how languages work.

For further information or to get involved in the AlphaEU project, please contact Sarah in Meath Partnership at