Next week sees the start of a series of public meetings which are a vital cog in the public consultation process designed to inform the 2015 – 2020 Local Development Strategy for the investment of LEADER funding.

Michael Ludlow, CEO of Meath Partnership, advised that the Local Development Strategy is similar to the LEADER Business Plan attaching to previous LEADER programmes and is of vital importance because development initiatives not covered by the Development Strategy may not be eligible for LEADER grant aid in future. 

Mr Ludlow said “It is critical that all societal interests are represented at the public meetings, do not assume that someone else will bring forward what is important to you, come out and speak for yourself, for your own organisational interests, for your own enterprise and for your community”.

Mr Ludlow pointed out that the process of managing applications for grant aid has changed. Security in terms of the payment of grant aid where an offer has been made has been greatly improved. Such improvements have been achieved due to the role the Local Authority will play in the new programme, side by side with the role of the newly created Local Community Development Committee.


The set venues for the public consultations are:

  • 21st October - Headfort Hotel, Kells
  • 22nd October - Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne
  • 27th October - Glenside Hotel, Drogheda
  • 28th October - Trim Castle Hotel, Trim
  • 29th October - Johnstown House, Enfield

All consultations take place between 6pm to 8pm.

Mr Ludlow said the venues for the public meetings provide countywide access, the new programme will commence early in 2016 therefore now is the time for intending applicants to prepare and engage with Meath Partnership.