Request for Tender: LEADER Area Profile

Qualified consultants are sought for the production of a comprehensive area profile of County Meath required to inform the creation and development of the Local Development Strategy for the LEADER Programme 2015 – 2020.

The scope of this request for tender will cover the following subjects:

  • Socio-Economic Profile – Present a socio-economic profile of the area at the most recent point in time using relevant statistical data and research. Identification of target groups, including those who make a contribution to the rural economy.
  • Key Services / Programmes – Details of key services and programmes (relevant to LEADER) that are currently being delivered in the area by statutory, community and voluntary and private sector organisations.
  • Area Needs Analysis – Concise analysis of relevant data in relation to: a) the current position, b) significant changes, c) summary of the key conclusions including the identification of key gaps and potential areas/priorities for development through LEADER.

Tenders should note the scope of work for this project does not consist solely of the provision of a collation of studies/documents already available. The specialist/consultant should instead use these existing documents to inform the finalised area profile, providing a targeted report advising how LEADER funding can be best utilised within the county. 

No specialist/consultant making a submission will be remunerated for any costs incurred in preparing a submission. The total budget for the development of the socio-economic area profile is €6,000 including VAT, this will include all cost associated with the completion of the profile.   

One (1) soft copy must be submitted via post email to no later than 12pm Tuesday, 29th September 2015. Please note that submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. 

A full tender brief is attached below.