LEADER Supporting the Equine Enterprise Sector in County Meath – Call for Proposals





Meath Partnership, on behalf of the Meath Local Action Group, invites Expressions of Interest from operators and proprietors of equine based enterprises across County Meath as part of a targeted time-limited call for proposals under the LEADER Programme 2014 – 2020 titled “LEADER Supporting the Equine Enterprise Sector in County Meath”.


This targeted call for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) is being issued under the ‘Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation’ theme of the LEADER Programme with a specific focus on developing the potential of Meath’s equine industry to generate increased employment, to support the growth of a sustainable equine service enterprise sector, grow equine tourism, attract oversees visitors and provide for new and enhanced recreational and leisure activities in the equine sector. The importance of the equine sector as a vibrant, dynamic sector contributing significantly to the economic and social life in County Meath is widely acknowledged and understood, it is LEADER’s intention to further assist the development and growth of the sector in order to encourage job creation and the creation and expansion of sustainable equine enterprise.


The call involves a competitive process which is intended to specifically target equine based enterprises and will support projects aimed at enhancing and upgrading existing facilities or the creation of additional amenities.


Submitting your Expression of Interest

Expression of Interests must be submitted on the prescribed form which is available for completion or download on Meath Partnership’s website www.meathpartnership.ie or alternatively it can be requested directly from Meath Partnership by contacting us on 046 – 9280790, extension 202.


It is important also to be aware that both the applicants and the subject of the application for aid must be deemed eligible to receive financial assistance in accordance with the Operating Rules of the LEADER Programme and the objectives of the LEADER Local Development Strategy for Co. Meath. Eligibility in this context will be assessed against the information provided in the Expression of Interest document.

What Can Be Funded?


In general the provision of financial assistance can be considered where the proposal being put forward is consistent with the objectives of the LEADER Local Development Strategy and where the specific development for which support is being sought has been identified within the Strategy as being eligible for support.  In this context the following can be considered as examples of eligible developments:

  • Assistance in the progress of equestrian centres and livery yards towards star rating in respect of husbandry, facilities, horse instruction and other services capable of being addressed by service provision enterprise;
  • Promotion of a range of equine tourism and recreationally focused initiatives to promote increased participation in equine tourism across the sector in Co. Meath;
  • Creation of opportunities for the exposure of primary and secondary school children and children with disabilities to the sport horse industry;
  • Investment in the development of equine facilities linked to equine tourism and service related initiatives and enterprises; and
  • Support for the creation of, and enhanced access to, bridle ways on public and private lands.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive.

Phase 1: Call for Expressions of Interest 

In this phase, intending applicants are invited to submit a completed and signed Expression of Interest form. The deadline for receipt of all EOIs is 5pm, Friday, 19th October 2018. Late submissions will not be considered, without exception.


Once this deadline has expired, Meath Partnership will assess all EOI’s received and those that are eligible for consideration for support in accordance with the Programme Operating Rules and Local Development Strategy will progress to Phase 2. Meath Partnership will notify all applicants of the outcome of the ‘Supporting the Equine Sector in County Meath’ Call for EOIs in writing by Wednesday, 24th October 2018. A rationale for all decisions will be communicated to all applicants.


Phase 2: Submission of Applications for Grant Aid


All shortlisted EOIs will be then issued with an application pack on or before the 26th October 2018 and will be invited to attend an information seminar shortly thereafter. Further details of this event will be provided in due course. The closing date for receipt of a fully completed application form will be Friday, 15th December 2018 no later than 4pm.


It is anticipated that all applications for funding submitted in Phase 2 of the Call will be evaluated and assessed for funding in February 2019 with offers of grant aid to successful applicants due to issue in March 2019.


Meath Partnership, on behalf of and with the approval of the Meath Local Action Group, reserves the right to extend the deadline dates as notified above should any circumstance arise which warrants such an extension.

Budget for Call

The overall available budget for the LEADER Supporting the Equine Sector in County Meath call is set at €193,200.00. The minimum grant requirement which will be considered for support is €5,000.00; the maximum grant available under this call is set at €50,000.00.


In some cases the Meath LAG may choose to award a level of grant aid to your project less than that which you had applied for. Awards will generally take into account the need to ensure the sustainability of the project which is a priority requirement.


All EOI’s received will be reviewed and evaluated in respect of the eligibility of the proposal and the eligibility of the promoter in the context of the Meath Local Development Strategy and the LEADER Programme Operating Rules.


The final determination on the award of LEADER funding in respect of your application will be made by the Meath Local Action Group.

Closing Date for the Submission of Expressions of Interest

The closing date for the receipt of fully completed expressions of interest is 5pm, Friday, 19th October 2018. Late applications will not be considered. All expressions of interest should be submitted in hard copy, must contain original signatures and be accompanied by a completed Data Protection Disclaimer.


Please return all Expressions of Interest to:


Meath Partnership
Call for Proposals – Equine Sector Support
Unit 7, Kells Business Park,
Cavan Road,
Co. Meath

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